Friday, November 28, 2014 17:09

Black Friday 2014


Black Friday Specials will run from 11/28 – 12/31/2014.

Save 25% on RNS-510 and RNS-315 navigation units!

Here’s a list of the specials available on MFD3.com:

New Units:

OEM RNS-510 version N, part number 3C0-035-684N – $1424.25

Pre-owned Units:

OEM RNS-510 version L, part number 3C0-035-684L – $1312.50

OEM RNS-510 version H, part number 3C0-035-684H – $1050

OEM RNS-510 version G, part number 3C0-035-684G – $975

OEM RNS-510 version F, part number 3C0-035-684F – $875

OEM RNS-510, part number 3C0-035-684 – $675

OEM RNS-315 version B, part number 1K0-035-274B – $562.50


As always, please CONTACT US with any questions and thank you for visiting our site!

.:RNS-510 Version N with 8112 Map (8M):.

Sunday, July 13, 2014 17:19

Now available is the new version RNS-510 with SSD drive and latest Navteq Map pre-loaded version 8M, 8112.

The units are new, but have been installed previously for testing purposes.

Firmware is 5374, hardware version is 26 and manufacture date is May 2014

One year warranty is included as well as the manual and GPS antenna.

Get yours here, while they’re in stock!

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This posting covers installation instructions for the VW 9W7 bluetooth kit.

Please find the instructions here: VW Bluetooth 9W7 installation Instructions

While there are many versions of the 9W7 bluetooth kit and compatibility varies between the models, this posting is targeting the installation of the 9W7 bluetooth into vehicles with no bluetooth installed.

Typically, the 9W7 can be installed in VW models with WHITE cluster displays, like the one below.  It will work with RED cluster displays, but such features as multifunction steering wheel controls and display reading in the cluster may be limited or unavailable.