Loading of MP3 Files

When loading MP3’s onto the RNS510, the easiest way to do this is with DVD’s and a single top level folder called “music” or whatever else you would like to call it. The RNS510 has a limitation that only allows you to copy one folder at a time and this gets around this “problem” and makes this a much quicker process.

Burn the music to DVD’s with a folder of “Music” as the top level directory and then you can click on the folder “Music”, choose copy and it will do the whole DVD in one go, you can leave this going when you get out of the car as it will turn off when it’s finished.

Burning to DVD means you only need 4 or 5 to fill the system and it makes it easy to load it back on if you have the unit replaced or want to blow away what you have on there and start again. Deleting the top level folder “Music” gets rid of everything in one go otherwise you have to deleted each top level folder and it takes some time.

Video in Motion

Q:Does this unit allow for video play while in motion?

A: No. The video cuts out at 10Km/h. There are adapters that allow for this functionality if you search around.

Does the RNS-510 allow for rear video viewing?

Unit has provisions for RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment). Video/Audio and controls for such.

How to swap CD Changer Pins

Factory Configuration (non RNS-510 equipped):

AUX ground = Pin 2

CD Changer ground = Pin 3

RNS-510 Configuration:

AUX ground = Pin 3

CD Changer ground = Pin 2

Satellite Radio

Q: Can I connect the RNS-510 to an existing XM tuner for actual XM tuning purposes?

A: No. The RNS-510 is Sirius exclusive with the tuner built inside the unit. VW no longer offers XM in North America.

Q: If I don’t subscribe to Sirius service will I get satellite radio stations?

A: You will get two free stations, nothing else.

Q: Is the RNS-510 capable of real-time traffic updates through Sirius.

A: Yes, however this is an additional service that you must subscribe to through Sirius.

Compass Module

Q: Do I need to disconnect my internal compass when installing the RNS-510?

A: Yes in most cases. This can be done by disabling in CAN Gateway (look for Position Sensing) and physically disconnect the unit.

Q: Where do I find the compass module?

A: In the trunk (Jetta) or at the back under the headliner (Golf).

Q: Why do I need to remove or disconnect the compass module?

A: The RNS-510 has a compass built into the unit. When both compasses try to coexist, it causes a lot of traffic on the can-bus because both are communicating at the same time.

Media Device Interface (MDI)

The Media Device Interface (MDI) offers support for USB devices (memory sticks and hard drives), iPod integration and Aux-in devices along with displaying ID3 tags over the CANbus to the MFD and the RCD310, RCD510 and RNS510 headunit. The unit is available for the Passat (glovebox mounted), MKV (center console mounted) and replacing the factory 6 disc CD Changer. It is possible to mount the unit elsewhere in the car (under the seat, etc).

Q: Does the MDI allow scrolling of the artist and/or song title on the RNS-510 screen and/or MFD?

A: No scrolling, however, RNS-510 supports up to 41 and the MFD supports up to 13 characters.

Q: Can I use my standard factory iPod adapter with the RNS-510 and view artist and song names on the navi screen?

A: Yes, you can use the standard iPod adapter and it will work with the RNS-510, however, so no artist or song information will be displayed. The current OEM iPod adapter does not have any data connection between any OEM HU and the iPod.

Entering Setup

Reboot unit if powered on or power on, press and hold the setup button for around 15 seconds when the Volkswagen logo appears on the screen.

Entering Test Mode

Using VCDS/VAGCOM open the 37 – Navigation and adaption channel 50, enter 1 into the value field and save. Power on unit and hold the setup button for around 15 seconds when the Volkswagen logo appears on the screen.

General RNS-510 Q&A

Q: Does the RNS-510 speak destination entry directions?

A: Yes. However, only some road names are specifically provided. Interstates and some of the more major state and US highways as well as town names are provided vocally.

Q: If my VW model did not come factory equipped with Navigation, do I need an antenna for the navi?

A: Yes. You can use a Fakra antenna, commonly called a “hockey puck” type.

Q: Where does the antenna get installed?

A: If you do not have a metalized windshield (heated) then it will work fine in the center of the dash at the base of the windshield or under the dash where no metal interferes.

Q: How do you reset the unit if it crashes or otherwise requires resetting?

A: Press these three buttons at the same time: “eject” + “<” + “>” and that should reboot the unit.

Q: How do I get into the “Test” mode?

A: Go into adaption channel 50, enter 1 for value and hit save. Close controller & reboot. Once the unit reboots, hold “setup” for 15-20 seconds and the test menu comes up. This applies to 0210 firmware, perhaps others.