VW Says The End of Voice Command

Thursday, February 2, 2012 9:20

Just when you thought the world was becoming normal again, VW has decided to discontinue offering Voice Command for the RNS-510.  According to Jay Pichardo, VW has officially pulled Voice Command as a supported feature/option for the RNS-510.

VW has issued a bulletin confirming that it has pulled the option to have voice commands to operate the RNS510 radio. Poor performance and sluggish operation are the blame for the decision. VW hopes that the introduction of Sirus travel link will make up for it.

The change has already been listed as rolling change on the 2012 Passat and does not affect bluetooth related voice commands.

It’s possible that VW may relaunch other voice control products such as the “Just Speak” in the future on new “Infotainment” units.


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