Rear Vehicle Camera Overview – Passat 3C sedan

Monday, January 4, 2010 21:47
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As a new tool to help out both new and experienced RNS-510 users, we’ve listened to your suggestions and created a section for videos.
This new section will help with educating, such as DIYs as well as introduce others to products and options for this RNS-510 Navigation system. While we would like to make this section universal for all products related to the RNS-510, we will focus on only those compatible with the North American versions.

This video features a quick overview of the operation of the rear vehicle camera in a Passat 3C sedan. Special thanks to Raphael!

This video provides a quick overview of most of the features of the RNS-510 navigation system. Special thanks to Raphael!

This video features a demo of the Skoda Bluetooth 1Z0-035-729B Kit along with some of the features. Special thanks to Raphael!

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2 Responses to “Rear Vehicle Camera Overview – Passat 3C sedan”

  1. asif says:

    January 23rd, 2010 at 10:06 am

    hi, iv had the mfd3 rns 510 in my mk5 golf for about 6 months now and have only just started using some of the features available like the sd card and the internal hard drive. i love it ! only thing im trying to work out is if the sd card will play videos? is this possilble????? and if it is what format does the video need to be in??? iv tried mp3 and mp4 and the unit does not play it.
    look forward to hearing back from you.


    Flytdiguy Reply:

    Hi Asif,
    Unfortunately, video only works through the DVD reader through that drive. Only audio works through through the SD card and depending on how new your unit is, it will read either up to 2 GB or up to 32 GB (newer version only).


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